The John Maucere Show

As you may have noticed, John Maucere does humor in a big, big way. Years and years of hard work lends itself to a well-practiced comedy routine. You will not find another ASL stand-up performance like this anywhere else. He likes to bring audience members up to pick their brains and get the audience rolling. The Deaf community at large is another favorite target, as he’ll make light of many tendencies and culture norms  we are all so used to. Try not to eat a big dinner right before John’s stand-up comedy routine, you may lose it.

The John Maucere Show is a huge inspiration to our store – his stories are the reason why we have these products. To find out why, find out if he is having his show nearby! Visit WWW.JOHNMAUCERE.COM for more information.


“The hearing community has Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and David Letterman, the Deaf Community has all of them rolled into one!” – Marlee Matlin

“Loud, clear and funny whether you’re deaf or not!” –Cheri Oteri

“Mind blowing!” – Deanne Bray-Kotsur

“Downright funny, wild, versatile, yet original.” – Bernard Bragg

“Whether he’s flying high as Superdeafy, conducting interviews as John Leno, or telling jokes as a stand up comedian, he has never failed to bring in the laughs.”  – Joel Barish

“I salute John for his flair of creative comedy acts and his natural ability to entertain the audience with wit and humor. That’s John, the Master of Entertainment!” – CJ Jones